GRAND OPENING 18.05.2019 • 18:00 GMT+2
Experience (EXP): x20 Safe Enchant: +4
Skill Points (SP): x20 Max Enchant: +12
Adena: x10 Normal Scroll chance: 50%
Drop Items: x10 Blessed Scroll chance: 50%
Spoil: x10 Quest: x2
Weight Limit: x30 Elemental Stone chance: 40%
Manor: x10 Elemental Crystal chance: 30%
Full Community Board (ALT+B) Sub-Class Free x3 without Quest
Premium Account Off-line Shop
Auto Loot Auto Learn All Skills
Auction System Fully Working Geodata
Epic Zones Automatic Events
Buffs/Dances: 24+4/12 Buff Time: 2 Hours
(ALT + B) Buffer and Services GM SHOP till S Grade
Olympiad Max enchant +6 Auction Items
Sub-Class Max Level : 85 Max Clients PC: 5
Hero 1 and 15 day Siege every week
Edited Forge of Gods zone NEW Forge of Gods quest (cloak,valakas,antharas,lindvior weapons)
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